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ITPB, formerly mentioned as ITPL, stands for International Technical Park Bangalore. it's situated in Whitefield in Bangalore and is one among the foremost important structures ever built that caters completely to technical offices. The name ITPB itself is self-explanatory. The ITPL is believed to possess a big contribution within the name that Bangalore is has famously gained: The Silicon Valley of India. The Tech park could even be a cluster of all the foremost IT companies on the earth. in conjunction with the IT companies, it also has an ample amount of open space and other amenities like retail stores, shopping malls, eateries, restaurants, and far more.

The presence of ITPB in Bangalore has single-handed been the only reason why numerous youngsters come to Bangalore to settle. The ITPB gives a unique urban touch to the entire city, attracting people from everywhere in India who like busy and productive life. ITPB is additionally on the brink of Budigere Cross, one among the upcoming locales which house residential projects like Shriram Yuva.

ITPB has made Bangalore more commercially and economically valuable. Having a structure like that of ITPB automatically makes up for a reputation that's unmatched. the town has attracted many investors since it had been built back in 1992. Investors in several fields have shown interest both within the ITPL area and in its vicinity.

The area Whitefield became a replacement attend area for land investors overnight after the event of ITPB. the number of individuals who are already living within the planet and thus the number of individuals who are moving there has encouraged the builders to focus and invest more. There is a surge in the number of schools and hospitals within the adjacent areas after the increase was anticipated due to the ITPB.

Because of the futuristic design of the tech park, it's been considered quite capable of meeting fashionable needs today. it's quite just a neighborhood with a couple of offices. it's been a source of dream and means to earn bread for lots of youngsters. it's helped the state of Karnataka to potentially push employment. The ITPL also brought process with itself. ITPB has been nothing but a logo of development, growth, and sophistication for the Bangalore citizens.
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